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Urban electric bicycles | hybrids

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To move around the city with total independence and in an environmentally responsible way, at Sanferbike we offer you a wonderful selection of urban electric bicycles, iexcl; designed to make you the easier life!

iquest;Queacute; Is it an electric urban bicycle?

Urban electric bicycles are the ideal sustainable alternative to move around the city freely. These vehicles have pedal assistance so you can move comfortably and effortlessly in your daily life.

The main characteristics of urban electric bicycles are:

  • They have an electric motor to travel long distances, offering you excellent power to climb slopes.
  • They work with a battery that gives them great autonomy, in order to travel quite a few kilometers between recharges.
  • They usually have a lighting system that allows them to be easily seen by other drivers, even at night.

How many kilometers can you travel with an urban electric bicycle?

Depending on the option you choose, the battery life of urban electric bicycles may vary. Depending on the model, battery and route, you can travel between 35 and approximately 100 kilometers on a single charge.nbsp;

However, it is important that you review the characteristics of the best urban electric bicycles to see which one best suits your needs. At Sanferbike you will find high quality models such as:

iquest;Queacute; electric bicycle buy? Compare the features of all of them and choose the most appropriate one for you.

Advantages of an electric urban bicycle compared to a normal one

Urban electric bicycles can offer numerous advantages for use in the city compared to conventional bicycles. For example:

  • They allow you to easily move around the city.
  • They can be used by anyone.
  • They can be parked almost anywhere, especially if they are folding urban electric bicycles.
  • They are safe means of transportation.
  • They allow you to save and their price is affordable.
  • Its maintenance is not expensive.
  • They are a sustainable alternative.

Do you need more reasons to choose between the electric bicycles from Sanferbike?< /p>



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