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Electric bikes

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Sanferbike offers you the best electric bicycles so that you can enjoy all the advantages of this vehicle. iexcl;Move with the best brands!

Main uses of electric bicycles

Electric bicycles are an ideal sustainable transportation alternative for the city, although they are also suitable for outdoor sports, including cycling through mountains , road, cycle paths or cycle paths.nbsp;

More and more people are using them and, therefore, there is a specific regulation for their use that establishes, for example, the speed limitation at 25 km/hor the mandatory use of a helmet.nbsp;

Advantages offered by an electric bicycle

These types of bicycles are ideal for many reasons: they are comfortable, fast and allow you to reach an audience that for various reasons is not suitable for using conventional bicycles.

In addition, the use of an electric bicycle can offer you numerous advantages such as:

  • By having assisted pedaling, the effort is reduced.
  • They are suitable and safe for any age and physical condition.
  • They help you save on transportation.
  • The price of electric bicycles is becoming more and more accessible.
  • They are a fast means of transportation for the city.
  • Its maintenance is not very expensive.
  • They are sustainable, so they contribute to the conservation of the environment.
  • They help you stay healthy, just like conventional bikes.nbsp;

Best brands of electric bicycles

The best electric bicycle is the one that offers you the characteristics you are looking for for the use you are going to make of it. But it is important to choose a quality brand to enjoy the best features and let our experts advise you.

At Sanferbike you can find great offers on electric bicycles from the main brands on the market, such as:

All our electric bicycles are approved, complying with the European Directive 2002/24/EC, which defines the characteristics that bicycles with assisted pedaling must meet.

iexcl;Choose yours!



Sanferbike has 3 bike shops in Madrid, each with its own bike workshop, as well as the online cycling shop, with the best products and the best brands of bicycles: Trek, Cannondale, Scott, Orbea, BMC, Santa Cruz, Giant, Wilier, 3T, LIV, Enve, Open, Moustache, Littium, Cinelli, Basso, Factor, Colnago ...

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