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The BMC brand Switzerland AG (abbreviated as Bicycle Manufacturing Company) is a company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of bicycles and cycling products worldwide, headquartered in Grenchen, Switzerland.


BMC has different models to cover any category: Mountain, gravel, road, electric and urban. The main BMC models according to their category are:
  • Teammachine is a model designed for racing use. It presents an optimal balance between stiffness, weight and handling. It is very popular in competition thanks to its revolutionary high-performance construction. Available with aluminum (ALR), carbon (SLR) frames and different mounts.
  • Roadmachine is included in the endurance or long-distance category, it is the ideal bike to cover long distances and climb epic climbs with a relaxed posture, but without giving up speed and reactivity.
  • Timemachine Road is the aero model of the Swiss brand, prepared for competition and designed to offer maximum performance at high speeds. It features a bottom bracket with reinforced stiffness to maximize power transmission to the pedals.
  • Timemachine is designed specifically for the triathlon, known colloquially as "goat". It is the fastest bike you can find in the Swiss brand. The shape of the tubes is designed to achieve maximum aerodynamics, it also has a fully configurable cockpit to achieve the best and most efficient integration of the cyclist.

  • Fourstroke is one of the few full suspension bikes to have won the XC World Championship. It has a carbon frame and 100mm of travel in both suspensions, in addition to having an integrated seatpost in the frame.
  • Twostroke is a rigid model focused on the Cross Country or XC modality. It has a Premium carbon frame and 100mm front suspension.
  • Sportelite is designed for cyclists who are starting to ride on roads and trails of medium difficulty. It has a Premium aluminum frame and all the necessary components to enjoy with full guarantee.
  • Speedfox is the model designed for the Trail category, that is, both the frame and the 130 mm suspension make it a bike suitable for enjoying any type of terrain.

    BMC URS is the Swiss brand's gravel model, its latest market launch. In addition to the carbon frame, the URS has a rear micro-suspension that makes it a comfortable bike without sacrificing speed. Within this category we also find the URS LT model, with a suspension of 20mm of travel (MTT - Micro Travel Suspension) incorporated between the fork and the head tube, to achieve extra comfort, control and vibration absorption.
    Within the BMC family of electric bicycles there are several models depending on the category. All of them are known by the nickname AMP.
  • Speedfox AMP is the Swiss brand's Trail e-bike, capable of handling difficult terrain thanks to its 130mm travel. A bicycle adapted to the new times.
  • Alpenchallenge AMP Sport is the electric road model, agile, fast and light thanks to its carbon frame. It will help you reach all the heights that you propose.
  • Alpenchallenge AMP City is the bike designed for urban commuting with style and functionality. It has a flat handlebar, integrated lights, fenders and a kickstand.
  • Alpenchallenge AMP Cross is designed so that you can cover any outdoor terrain. Comfortable thanks to the characteristic micro-suspension of the Swiss brand. Versatile thanks to the possibility of mounting different covers.
    Alpenchallenge are BMC's urban and hybrid bikes, with flat handlebars and features such as fenders, kickstand and integrated lights.
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