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Littium Bicycles

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The brand Littium by Kaos manufactures electric bicycles with cool technology and design made in Spain (Basque Country) designed for the most modern and demanding urban cyclist. An electric bicycle brand was born; with a very clear mission: to lead the way in the mobility of the future. Innovation and the highest quality in the materials used in the manufacturing of all its products and models define Littium's philosophy.


  • Ibiza Dogma is a folding electric bicycle designed and developed to move around the city in response to the current need for sustainable urban mobility. Available with two battery versions, 375Wh and 504Wh. It is a folding electric bicycle of great versatility and power, which provides a range of up to approximately 100km. Handy, agile and comfortable, the Littium Ibiza is perfect for the city and occasional getaways. With the best finishes and accessories, the Littium Ibiza bicycle is the folding electric bicycle of the future.
  • Ibiza Titanium is a concept for the most demanding public: it stands out visually for its new titanium color and maintains the essence that makes the Ibiza an exceptional model. With the new Tektro Auriga E500 series brake setup, braking quality has increased and improved considerably. Available with two battery versions, 375Wh and 504Wh. Furthermore, with the integration of the new OLED screen, attendance and data reception can be done easily. Thanks to these two improvements, the new Littium Ibiza Titanium folding electric bicycle guarantees safer and lighter driving, weighing 20.5 kg.
  • Berlin Classic is an urban e-bike inspired by the models of the early 1950s. With a 375Wh battery, it has the aesthetics of classic touring bicycles Dutch. It highlights the cutest technology with style and elegance of its lines, resulting in an interesting conceptual fusion for the most nostalgic and sophisticated urban cyclists. The Littium Berlin Classic electric bike is Littium's vintage bet for those for whom the bicycle, more than transportation, is a way of understanding life.
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