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Santa Cruz Bicycles

The Santa Cruz brand is mythical and iconic in the world of mountain biking, famous for its aesthetics, finishes and, above all, for the VPP suspension system, which remains the main hallmark of the Californian brand. . Santa Cruz has always had a clear focus on the enduro and DH (downhill) categories, but they also have a range of XC bikes, both full suspension and front suspension. In addition, it has in its catalog two specific models for hardtrail and also a specific model for gravel, as well as a line of bicycles specially designed for women, called Juliana.


  • Megatower is the most radical trail model with a 29'' wheel in its catalog. It has 160mm of travel in both suspensions, VPP lower link suspension system inherited from the V10 and features that make it a capable bike you can trust.
  • Hightower is the bike that does everything right. Designed to offer a perfect balance between the Enduro and Trail categories, since it has 29'' wheels, 150 mm of front travel and 140 mm of rear travel. Some routes and geometry not as aggressive as its older sister Megatower, but capable of performing well on multiple terrains.
  • Tallboy has 29'' wheels, 130 mm of front travel and 120 mm of rear travel. Within the Trail or All Mountain category, it is a bike designed for all uses that allows efficient pedaling, longer and more varied routes without sacrificing its technical capacity.
  • Nomad is a model focused on enduro that incorporates 27.5'' wheels and 170mm travel. This size of wheels gives this bike a versatility suitable for different riding styles and types of cyclists. It has a 64º steering angle and a 77º seat tube. You don't want to finish your routes so soon!
  • Highball is the hardtail model for XC in carbon fiber, a true flagship of the American brand. It has the spirit of a competition bike but offers many more possibilities. More comfortable, more capable and more fun.
  • Blur is mounted on a superlight carbon frame, with 100mm or 120mm suspension travel, perfect for ripping through any short-track or XC stage race. A model that makes a difference and guarantees professional performance.
  • Chameleon is a rigid bike capable of performing well in various conditions and terrain. 130mm travel, with 29'' wheels or combined with 27.5'', it is characterized by being a highly customizable model and adjustable to your needs.
  • 5010 turns difficulties into possibilities. It has 27.5'' wheels, 140mm and 130mm front travel and relatively soft angles that make it an easy bike to ride. In addition, it has a progressive geometry, granting a specific chain length measurement for each size. A playful, balanced bicycle with quality finishes of the house brand.
  • V10 is the mythical downhill or DH model. First in 26'', then in 27.5'' and now also available with 29'' wheels, it has infinite rear suspension of 215mm and 200mm in the front fork. The most successful bike in the world in the downhill category is still in top form.
  • Bronson is an unclassifiable bicycle, without labels, an MTB in the broadest sense of the expression. With 160mm suspension at the front and 150mm at the rear, it has the possibility of mounting mixed wheels (29'' at the front and 27.5'' at the rear) to provide it with more traction and stability. Also, a smaller rear wheel will delight those who like to fly the bike. Just choose how you want to use it, she will make it happen!
  • Stigmata is the model designed for gravel, prepared to be used with 700c tires up to 45mm or 650b tires up to 2.1''. Adapt it to your style and get the most out of this jewel of design.
    Santa Cruz has two models of MTB e-bikes, one for trail and one for enduro:
  • Heckler is a trail model synonymous with agility, fun and durability. With its 150mm travel at the rear and 160mm at the front fork, it is the optimal choice for long adventure days thanks to the quality of the components it mounts. It incorporates a Shimano EP8 motorcycle, with a torque of 85 Nm, and a 720Wh battery to climb higher, go further and enjoy more hours. Available in two different carbon qualities, it offers the possibility of mounting 29" wheels or mixing with 27.5".
  • Bullit is an electric enduro model designed to master the steepest climbs and the most dizzying descents. The battery is 630Wh and the engine is the Shimano EP8, lighter, more compact and more powerful. It has a 38 fork with a travel of 170mm in both suspensions. It incorporates a 29'' front wheel and a 27.5'' rear wheel, with the aim of achieving a perfect balance between handling, traction and climbing ability.
    Come by our Santa Cruz bicycle shops in Madrid and buy these magnificent bicycles, we will advise you in the best possible way. We have specialized repair workshops in all our cycling shops in Madrid.


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